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Hello my name is Haico aka Discribe TheSound.
I am 39 years old and grew up in a boring small town close to Hamburg. Since 19 years I am based in Hamburg. My interest in electronic music started when I was young, I guess when I was 13 or 14 years old. To that time my favorite artists were people like Alex Christensen (U96), Westbam, Yello, Kraftwerk or Carl Cox.
“MP3” or “digital” have been unknown words so I started using the turntable and mixing console from my big brother and quickly took a shine to it, but after my move to Hamburg I had no longer the opportunity to proceed with it.
10 years ago I started making music with MP3 and enjoyed the harmonic mix at once.
Since 3 years I produce Music too at A-Dam Records and Dj Eef’s Records at www.dj-eef.com

During my first years in Hamburg when partying, I preferred the house scene … I liked it for being a very variable genre: Chill, Vocal to Tribal or Deep House.
I like a lot of different music styles: House, Trance, Techno, Classic, Rock and Reggae. But when it comes to make music by myself, it needs to have a drifting Bass with a few Vocals and nice quiet Periods, followed by heavy Passages and sprouting Deep as I love it when people are having fun and dance a lot. Because of all the different styles I like to play (Deep House, House, TechHouse/Techno) I thought of giving me the name “ This Describes theSound” – as this was too long my other idea was “Thiscribe TheSound” – but in the end I decided that “Discribe theSound” suits me the most.

As I was spending so much time in Hamburg’s Clubs like Tunnel, Unit 1, 2 & 3, Astoria, EDK, Purgatory, Twilight etc. plus various Festivals and Parades, I think I have a good feeling for which kind of music fits perfectly to the mood of the crowd and clock time. I was able to play sets in the ULTRA Afterhour in Hamburg (based on the Reeperbahn/St. Pauli) and sometimes I play at Dj Eef’s Records Radio Show at www.housebeat.eu

For further questions or booking just send a Email…I’m writing 🙂 in German or English

Discribe TheSound

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Discribe Thesound


Tracks by Discribe TheSound :

Discribe TheSound – A Day On The Green Meadow (Original Mix)
Discribe TheSound – A Day On The Green Meadow (Radio Mix)
Release Date 15. February 2016

Discribe TheSound – St. Georg (Original Mix)
Discribe TheSound – St. Georg (Radio Mix)
Release Date 29. February 2016

Discribe TheSound – Music is…(Original Mix)
Discribe TheSound – Music is…(Vocal Mix)
Release Date 27. June 2016

Discribe TheSound – Birds (Original Mix)
Discribe TheSound – Birds ( D.TS. Remix)
Release Date 28. February 2017

Remix by Discribe TheSound :

Dj Eef – Coucher De Soleil (Discribe TheSound’s Piano Mix)
Release Date 01. February 2017

Dj Eef – God’s Love (Discribe TheSound Message Remix)
Release Date 11. February 2017

Dj Eef – Pushing Forward (Discribe TheSound Remix)
Dj Eef – Pushing Forward (Discribe TheSound 7 A.M. Remix)
Release Date 06. March 2017

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